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I’m Christian, a Cambridge based project leader and marketing specialist. I’ve worked at four unique design agencies since Feb 97 and completed several freelance and contract assignments along the way, each fuelling my appetite to deliver successful campaigns & projects.

Organised & pragmatic

Analytical & strategic

Creative & innovative



I’m a senior project manager, currently head of delivery at Granite5. I hope you enjoy my site, inspired by an ambition to deliver an engaging online CV, and to paint a compelling picture of brand Christian, both professionally and personally.

Read on to gain an insight into my skills, experience and interests.

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Delivery expertise

At my heart I’m a project manager, I’ve served my time as a reactive project firefighter and today enjoy leading projects of all shapes and sizes, with a passion for the planning and strategy stages. I especially love playing these roles;

Planning & leadership

Stakeholder workshops, impact plans, data mapping, specs, SoW's, workflow management, scheduling, prioritisation and strategy.

Design & accessibility

Brand ambassador, wireframes, user journeys, accessibility audits and testing, prototypes, design testing.

Content & SEO

Information architecture, content strategy, keyword planning, competition analysis, copywriting, messaging, on-page.


Solutions architecture, DNS & domain management, server admin, process improvement, training, data, reporting.



I love using a range of specialist tools, and am an ambassador for embracing new tools and building these into team workflows. Sketch App is one of my favourites, I have first hand experience of the significant benefits that this lightweight UI design tool can bring to digital projects. 

I build complex sitemaps, hi-fidelity wireframes, and engaging user personas and journeys using Sketch, and also enjoy using Sketch Cloud to present ideas, concepts and materials to teams and stakeholders.

Sketch & Adobe XD 77%
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 68%
Plesk & cPanel 60%
WordPress 86%
Jira, Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Active Collab + more 98%

Behavioural styles

DISC is a behaviour assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which centers on four different personality traits - Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive, and Cautious. My DISC profile follows:

Natural Behavioural Style

Efficient, Analytical, Organized, Factual. Aware of the Consequences of their Actions. Practical and Innovative.

Adapted (work) behavioural style

Balances & Values Data & Diplomacy. Mindful of the “Rules”. Goal Focused, Dislikes Confusion and Ambiguity.



I’m highly motivated and passionate about my work, I love to lead fun and creative projects but also stay positive and keep my energy levels high when firefighting less fun or creative projects, most of the time! 


I love being part of teams that push boundaries and provide innovative approaches to overcome complex challenges. I get excited about R&D projects and trying new things.


I enjoy the design process and always have a subjective opinion I’m happy to share. I love working with exceptional creatives who get excited about photography, typography, animation and bells-and-whistles.

Quality & standards

I’m not adverse to the odd quick fix solution but always aim for the highest quality and I set high standards. I love to learn along the way and to achieve great results.




I love to use MoSCoW to prioritise and always focus on MVP to meet tight deadlines - bells and whistles don't get missed, they're strategically delivered after critical must-have features.


"Communication is the response you get" - I help my teams deliver great quality and effective communications, everytime.


I ask lots of questions and listen hard. I love to learn and explore, and like to leave no stone unturned when I'm researching, planning and developing strategy.


Some degree of strategy should inform every decision. I like to back-up an idea with data, insight, analysis, and if I can't then it's even more important to measure and learn.


Great projects happen as a result of great relationships.

Results focused

Build in success measurement from the start, agree KPI's, set targets, aim for the top!



Read some of the articles, documents and content I've written.

Hobbies & interests

Alongside playing squash, badminton and golf, I love surfing and wakeboarding during the summer and regularly swim at lunchtimes to balance my love of cheese and wine. One of my biggest passions is skiing, I've been visiting the Alps frequently since 1999 and live for the buzz of flying down a mountain. My grandfathers carpentry and furniture making past inspires many DIY woodworking projects, which keeps me busy at the weekends if I'm not at the rugby club with my daughter.
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