I provide SEO training to individuals and small groups

Face-2-face, Skype or telephone training sessions will arm you with the fundamental basics of SEO, enabling you to be self sufficient and to generate effective content to add to your website, in a strategic and natural manner.

I can develop bespoke training if you have specific requirements, and where possible training is carried out using live websites, scenarios, goals, analytics and page ranks…

Everyone has specific needs when it comes to SEO training. Sometimes we go deep into a few subjects and others we skim the surface of a broader range. One size doesn't fit all.

If we focus on your actual site we can for example asses what needs to be changed to get you from position 74 to the top 10 for one search term, and/or from position 9 to 1 for another - the process is likely to be very different for each. But working with real goals and keywords means that you learn what is required to change your search ranking at the same time as implementing SEO that will impact your sites performance.

I'm happy to provide training to small groups face to face, via Skype or similar, and have successfully completed training over the phone also, it really depends upon the topic areas but I'm completely flexible.

Common focus areas

Google Algorithm

Taking an in-depth look at the Google Algorithm always reveals some interesting ideas. Understanding the major updates (Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird for example) helps to focus your SEO efforts.

Competition Analysis

Using your competition as a benchmark helps to plan content, effort and strategy. Whilst you can’t predict their next move, you can do better in other areas.


There are a number of techniques that should be applied when writing for the web, not just for the benefits to SEO but also for the best user experience. You should always write for the reader and not for the search engine and the biggest pitfall is keyword stuffing, you should avoid this like the plague otherwise you will be penalised.

Basic SEO / Quick wins

I often talk about the SEO basics, which if done well often produce great result. Let me go through the basics and why they’re important.

Keyword Effectiveness Index

Calculating the KEI for your list of target keywords and phrases is the first step to developing your SEO strategy to meet your business objectives.

We really enjoyed the recent SEO training, we're taking small steps but it's having an impact which is great.

John Davis, Swan Electrics, Doncaster
June 2016

Thanks for the search marketing training, it's helped us to understand the importance of planning the target keywords carefully before creating any content.

Bob Jenkins, Leeds Cleaning Ltd, Leeds
November 2016

The SEO training sessions have helped to improve our search performance significantly, I'm so surprised how doing the basics have made such a difference.

Matt Wratten, Prime Finish Decorating, Cambridge
January 2017


I rely on a number of tools and online services that enable me to plan, implement and measure SEO activity.

If you need help selecting other tools for building sitemaps, robots files, reporting and more please get in touch.