An SEO strategy will ensure content is targeted and effective

Starting with an audit of your existing site, a content strategy maps out an approach for generating new content for your website to reach your SEO goals. The strategy may include news content, white papers, blogs, links, vidoes, social and more.

1. Identify target keywords and phrases likely to be used by your target audiences for each of your products, services and organisational goals.

2. Using logic, common sense and/or keyword effectiveness index (KEI) to group and prioritise the target keywords based upon feasibility of getting to the top of search and your organisational goals. I like to group into ‘must have’, ‘should have’ and ‘could have’. Sometimes you may target a lower priority because it’s much easier to get to the top but has less impact for the business, this is good practice to measure the effectiveness of your SEO activity.

3. With a good idea of what is required content wise to achieve your goals, timetable industry events, trade shows, editorial calendars, seasonal campaigns, PPC budgets, holidays, quiet periods etc to identify content opportunities and resources. This process may highlight opportunities where your content can be used in other channels.

4. Document what activity is going to be completed and when, including for which target keywords.

5. Agree measurement criteria and reporting periods throughout the execution process. Regular re-evaluation is necessary to ensure we're on track...