SEO campaign management

The most important feature of implementing your SEO strategy is careful monitoring and measurement…

It's important to exercise caution when implementing SEO.

Regardless of whether you're making minor tweaks to fine tune your site, applying more significant changes to target new keywords, or releasing new content as part of an ongoing strategy, careful implementation is key. I only employ what is referred to as white-hat (ethical and best practice) SEO techniques, to ensure that we don’t fall into common traps whereby search engines can penalise for unnatural growth and overly-aggressive methods of boosting your search position.

Search engines are very clever and constantly evolving, the trick is to focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and carefully follow search engine rules and policies.

Search engines should be seen as your partners that help promote your business, not tools which you need to trick and mislead. They are looking for natural organic growth, not to go from 10 pages one day to 10,000 the next...

Key focus points

An SEO campaign wouldn't be complete without the following:

Keyword targeting

Care should be taken during the keyword identification process to select the most appropriate keywords and phrases, ensuring they align to your organisational goals and target the right audiences. I, for example target ‘Cambridge SEO consultant’ which is less competitive than for example using agency, freelancer or consultancy but produces great results, so I’m happy with my keyword targeting, for now!

Conversion optimisation

Before driving more traffic to your site it’s worth reviewing the user journey and the key touch points to ensure there are no issues having an impact on conversion. If it’s not intuitive how to buy, download, enquire or signup for example then conversion will be affected and should be fixed before generating more traffic. Don’t forget that your SEO goal shouldn’t be to drive more traffic, it should be to generate more revenue for example.

Local search

A very important feature for many of my clients who are looking to compete in a specific geographic location, local search provides many opportunities to improve your natural position and increase traffic volume to your site. All of the major search engines offer a local service, including Google Business, Google+ and Bing Local, and there are other help tools too including local business directories and local media.

On-page SEO

Optimising your existing content, improving your site structure, linking content internally and making the most of meta data, are all on-page SEO techniques which can all help to provide clear instructions to search engines about your site.

Off-page SEO

Generating content away from your site including links on 3rd party sites improves your off-page SEO. For example an article on a reputable site like the Cambridge Evening News or from Cambridge Network linking back to your site is a mark of credibility.

Pay Per Click

I bring this up only because PPC advertising is not supposed to impact organic search performance. My experience however is that once a PPC campaign is disabled, organic positions can be adversely affected, so it may be worth, even if just to test the water, that we manage a small campaign to make the judgement for ourselves.


The competitiveness of your target keywords and phrases and your sites existing position determine how much SEO effort is required to reach your digital marketing goals. Whilst SEO is usually a continuos process, it is not always necessary to engage in regular activity. In fact sometimes, we may make a handful of changes and sit back and carefully monitor things for a few months, it really depends on how competitive it is in your space. It might be that we reach your goals in the first couple of months and little effort is required to maintain your higher position.

Whichever is the best approach for you, I’ll find a solution which works so don’t worry about being tied into contracts if you don’t need them. I will propose a pricing structure once the initial groundwork is complete, it might be that you need 4 hours of my services to achieve your goals, it might be that you need 4 years of constant activity to compete in a really tough market!!!

SEO is not a formulaic or straightforward process, SEO activity must be carefully planned and implemented over a period of time but most importantly measured. The landscape is constantly changing, not only by search engines improving their algorithms to be more efficient, but also by your competition improving their own sites to bolster their own search position.

A typical campaign may look like this.

Month 1
Understand organisational goals
Setup rank tracking
Google Analytics setup including goals and reporting
Setup webmaster tools
Site audit
Review conversion touch points
Basic SEO of homepage and key landing pages

Month 2
Keyword identification and research
Agree SEO goals and target keywords and phrases
On-page SEO for key pages

Month 3
On-page optimisation of key pages
Competitor research
Competitor rank tranking
Setup spam filters in Analytics
Review of directory listings and inbound links
Off-site optimisation

Month 4
3 month performance review
On-page optimisation
Review PPC opportunities and metrics

Month 5
On-page optimisation throughout the site
Internal linking strategy
Conversion optimisation / split testing

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