SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the first step to improving your websites effectiveness by driving more traffic and improving conversion.

A comprehensive SEO audit evaluates your website from several perspectives to provide valuable insight to help with short, medium and long term SEO strategy and planning. Understanding the current status of your site, and your competitions is key to being able to plan for making improvements.

The focus areas of the audit will include: content, information architecture, user experience (UX), technology, offsite, social, visitor analysis and the market landscape. Understanding these components and how they work is an important part of identifying the strengths, weaknesses and potentials a website has in natural search.

Following a comprehensive SEO Audit and evaluation of a website, a report is often generated that will highlight details of any present issues as well as a list of recommendations that will help the webmaster fulfil his or her business objectives in the best possible way. The accompanying report takes several key factors into account and comprises of on-site and off-site issues that will form the basis of an effective SEO strategy.


Core elements of the SEO audit including the following:

Competition analysis

Before being able to calculate what is required to achieve your search goals, understanding your competitors will help to determine where to focus efforts, which keywords to target and what is required to jump above them organically.

Visitor analysis

By analysing your current visitor traffic and trends I may be able to uncover a conversion problem which must be fixed before driving new traffic to your site.

Keyword research

Assessing the keyword effectiveness index (KEI) of existing and potential target SEO keywords is a useful process to uncover opportunities perhaps not being exploited already.

Performance review

The speed, performance and reliability of your site can have a big impact on search. My audit will assess your site in all of these areas to ensure that something technology related isn’t holding you back.