Google Algorithm

February 21, 2017

It’s useful to understand that Google and other search engines are businesses trying to compete,  we wouldn’t use our preferred search engine if it wasn’t efficient in serving us the most relevant pages. Think about SEO as a process of partnering with Google to help them succeed (by selling ads), rather than trying to trick them into ranking your site at the top.

The algorithm is just a logical tool to help determine what to serve where.

If two websites are equally brilliant in every way, how can Google determine which to put in position #1? Logic dictates the results, i.e. the oldest site should be more of an authority, right! Likewise in the same scenario maybe the site updated most recently should win!

These two resources list the algorithm changes which can help to identify new techniques:

I’m happy to take you through the majority of the 300 point algorithm. Here is an old copy of the algorithm which I often use for reference.