I’m an experienced Cambridge-based freelance SEO consultant, marketing professional and project manager, I love helping to raise online profiles, drive traffic and improve conversion…



I provide effective SEO and marketing services to organisations, charities, individuals/consultants and startups in Cambridge, throughout the UK and internationally.

I'm passionate about what I do, am always honest and open (wear my heart on my sleeve) and conscientious. I started my first marketing role early in 1997 and continue to enjoy working in the fast paced digital and marketing sectors.

My professional experience includes 18 years in three different agencies, I now love providing a freelance service and helping my clients to develop and implement their marketing strategies, always paying close attention to results, ROI and effectiveness.

I get my kick from making a difference, achieving search and marketing goals and building strong relationships. And
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your online (and offline as they're usually closely interconnected) marketing objectives...

SEO Audit

Completing an SEO audit of your site will undoubtedly uncover areas for improvement.

I will review the content, information architecture (structure), user experience (UX), user journey, technology, code and performance, whilst also looking at your competitors, market opportunity and more...

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SEO Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy can help to keep you on track and provides a structure for generating new content. Content is the key component for achieving your SEO goals.

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SEO Campaigns

I manage ongoing SEO campaigns including on and offsite SEO, social media, PPC, content generation and more...

Activity is carefully recorded and frequent reports make tracking and measurement easy.

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SEO Training

SEO is not rocket science, and with a little training I'm confident that anyone can learn some basic best practice techniques to ensure that new content is added in the most SEO-friendly manner - doing the basics is easy, for example image names should be more like "cambridge-seo.jpg" instead of image1.jpg

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SEO glossary

While I endeavour to communicate clearly and concisely and in laymen’s terms when required, the world of online marketing and especially SEO (search engine optimisation) is littered with acronyms and abbreviations.

Even something as simple as the most common Google page has its own variants: SERPS (search engine results page), search index, results page, listing and I’m sure there are others. Please excuse me if I go into jargon-overdrive, hopefully my SEO glossary may help!

Learn about SEO jargon here.

Want to talk SEO or digital marketing?

Please give me a call to discuss your search, SEO or marketing requirements on +44 (0)1223 570292